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Residential Window Cleaning

Clean windows are a part of everyday home maintenance, like it or not. And who doesn’t enjoy sparkling clean windows?   It makes your home look spectacular.

It may seem like a relatively simple job, window cleaning can be a dangerous and time consuming task for home owners.  Without the proper knowledge, techniques and equipment, not only are streaks and smudges are hard to avoid, but when ladder work is called for, safety also plays a part. We have the knowledge, patience and know how to get the job done right and leave your windows dazzling clean, inside and out.

For 11 years, Jackelyns Window Cleaning has been cleaning all types of windows: high, hard to access, large, small, or tinted windows…  We offer variety of window maintenance: from deep cleaning both interior and exterior windows to basic exterior only washes.

Safety and protection of your property are given the top priority throughout the window cleaning process.
The window glass is washed with environmentally friendly soap and window frames are wiped down with specialized microfiber cleaning rags. In addition to cleaning the glass (either by hand, or with a deionized water-fed brush, depending on the specifics of your property), we also cautiously remove and wash the screens with soap and water. After the windows have been cleaned and the screens dried, they are then secured back into the window frame. 

Only professional window cleaning squeegees are used, and worn out squeegee rubbers are changed frequently for the finest possible quality. When cleaning interior windows, booties are worn over shoes and drop cloths are placed on the floor to prevent dirty water from dripping onto the carpet or flooring. Ladder bonnets are placed on the top of ladders to avoid any markings on the walls when cleaning high windows inside.

Additional glass cleaning services are offered. Such as, interior glass railings or doors, wardrobe, bath or mirrored walls, chandeliers, sky light and exterior glass fence cleaning.

See the difference a professional and skilled window cleaning of your home can make. Be secure that the streaky look left by spray chemicals and paper towels will be a thing of the past.

What Jackelyns Window Cleaning sets us apart is the attention to details.

Commercial Window Cleaning:

We offer personalized service window cleaning plans. Whether it's weekly, bi-weekly,monthly or quarterly cleanings of interior and exterior glass on your building or entry way, Jackelyns Window Cleaning can develop a plan to satisfy any special requirements. We'll schedule our work to minimize interfering with your customers or work procedures. Call us today to make your business shine.

Jackelyns Window Cleaning is licensed, insured and bonded. Jackelyns Window Cleaning maintains all the proper insurances necessary for commercial window washing. A copy of our general liability insurance and references are at all times made accessible upon request.

Post Construction Window Cleaning:

The first  window cleaning is the most important. Construction remains such as mud and dust, caulk, paint, stickers, grease, stucco drippings, along with numerous other types of debris and water spots which have been baked on by the sun are all frequently found covering windows, frames and tracks before ever getting cleaned for the first time. Unfortunately, one of the last things various individual contractors are concerned with is the cleanliness of the windows. 

Even worse than ignoring the first window cleaning is having other inexperienced laborers clean the windows.  Too often new windows are scratched when they try to get rid of debris from the glass by using a blade incorrectly.  The cost of repairing or replacing scratched glass is far more than hiring a professional window cleaner to care for the glass in the first place.  Certain windows scratch without difficulty, particularly with all of the new construction junk on them. 

We have effectively cleaned hundreds of new homes and businesses and are trained to safely clean the glass without damaging it.

We are glad to offer referrals at any time to support this.

Hard Water Stain Removal:

Hard water that can leave your windows stained and spotted. We execute a free test to see if your windows are treatable. Removing water spots requires more time and a special technique than customary cleaning methods, mainly when the problem has been compounded by long durations of time. difficult window locations are those close to sprinklers or prone to extreme misting shortly followed by a quick drying sun.

Glass shower doors also endure from the similar fate, if not cleaned regularly.  A similar method is employed to assess and remedy this problem.

To accomplish desirable outcome, it takes a qualified professional using the most effective techniques, cleaners, and equipment available.  Let us make your windows shine!


Pressure Washing:

Jackelyns Window Cleaning offers low and high pressure cleaning for all types of surfaces. Usual services include driveways ,building and house siding, , walkways, brick, concrete, stucco, stone cleaning, deck, patios, fence cleaning, and low pressure roof washing.

We make sure the proper usage of water pressure for every unique surface to limit the possibility of damaging your property.  We greatly suggest pressure washing the exterior of the building before any window cleaning service.  To expand the life of your exterior paint, it’s a good idea to have the exterior of the house washed down yearly.

Rain Gutter Cleaning:

Another responsibility best left to an expert is the clearing of debris from blocked rain gutters.  In order to correctly clear rain gutters, it is from time to time necessary to access the gutters from ladders or the roof of the home, which can be dangerous without the correct safety equipment.   Blocked gutters can cause damage to your home by overflowing and possibly breaking away from the boards on your home.  We can clean your rain gutters and eliminate debris that is preventing your rain gutters from draining correctly.

Screen Repair:

For your convenience, Jackelyns Window Cleaning also offers screen repair services.  In a number of cases repairs can be completed onsite, for the larger jobs, the screens would be removed, repaired offsite and returned within 24-48 hours.


We  Offer Free Estimates... Our Charge For Window Cleaning Is Based On Different Factors:

You deserve clean windows, and we can provide excellent window cleaning in Mission Viejo, Ca and surrounding areas..



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